NORMA Discussion Forums Moved to ORM Foundation Website

The discussion forums for the NORMA project have been moved to the ORM Foundation website at This was done in order to take advantage of its support for formatting, notification, and file attachments, as well as to help centralize ORM-related discussion throughout the modeling community.

All posts to the SourceForge-based discussion forums as of 2008-03-07 15:28:39 UTC have been migrated to these new forums.

The SourceForge-based discussion forums will remain available for a short time to facilitate this transition. However, please direct all new posts to the discussion forums at the ORM Foundation website.

User accounts at the ORM Foundation website have been created for each user who had posted in the SourceForge-based forums. These users will shortly be notified by e-mail of the credentials necessary to access these new accounts. In order to receive this information, please ensure that the e-mail address associated with your SourceForge account is up-to-date.

If you have posted to the SourceForge-based discussion forums for this project and do not receive an e-mail with your credentials for the ORM Foundation site, or if you have any other issues regarding the new discussion forums, please contact Kevin Owen (kevinowen {AT} users {DOT} sourceforge {DOT} net).

Posted by Kevin M. Owen 2008-03-08

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