#9 Multi-Page Models


If it fits with the objectives of ORM2 and NORMA,
multi-page models offer some advantages. If each page
is centered on an important Object Type, it's easier
to impart some granularity, and even hierarchical
structure to the model overall. It also serves to
keep large models from getting visually confusing.
This way, the modeler can focus on a given major axis
of the U. of D. That, in turn, helps envolve
knowledge workers primaraly concerned with that
particular area of interest, without the distraction
of facts not relevent to thier experince.


  • Kevin M. Owen

    Kevin M. Owen - 2006-04-21

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    We already have basic support for this. Along the bottom
    of the diagram window, there should be a rudimentary tab
    strip. You should see "ORM" in red letters followed by the
    name of the diagram (which will usually be the same as the
    file name that you entered when first creating the file).
    If you right click in this area, you should be able to
    select "New View" to have a new diagram created.
    Existing Fact Types and Object Types can be dropped on the
    new diagram from the ORM Model Browser. The current
    incarnation of the ORM Model Browser is only temporary,
    and has limited functionality. A much better ORM Model
    Browser is currently under development.

  • Kevin M. Owen

    Kevin M. Owen - 2006-04-21
    • priority: 5 --> 6
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kevinowen
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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