pat-h - 2006-05-19

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I agree. If the respository contains Objects, facttypes,
and constraints/rules, etc. - I would want to use them in
any conceptual model. I may wish to reuse just an object,
or a factype with the current constraints - or maybe just
the fattype and use new constraitns in the new conceptual
model. I may even want to take a set of fact types from the
repository and reuse that whole set. Again maybe even with
some changes to constraint s/rules in that for the new
conceptual model. And do this without efecting the objects,
facttypes, constatins, or rules of the orginal conceptual

ORM has it right within one model. An object is declared
once - now i think we both want to permit that at the
enterprise level. An object "Employee(ID)" with datatype
integer and with descriptipon of "...". - Can be used in
any conceptual model. Same holds for facttype etc.

As an old friend says: "I want everything all the time".