Jeff Winchell - 2006-05-27

The verbalizer in NORMA isn't displaying any text for my subset constraints. It also doesn't generate any DDL.

In Visiomodeler 3.1, VEA 2003 and VEA 2005 the verbalizer works for my subset example, but when I attempt to build a logical model, all three products raise a fatal error and the exe terminates.

This is a stripped down version of my subset problem.

There are no mandatory roles.
Entity A is many-to-many to Entity B
Entity B is many-to-many to Value C
There is a tertiary role between Entity A, Entity B and Value C with a single uniqueness constraint spanning all three.

There are two subset constraint from the tertiary role.
One is FROM the first two roles TO the two roles in the many-to-many between A and B.
The other is FROM the last two roles TO the two roles in the many-to-many between B and C.

What I'm trying to achieve should generate 3 logical tables:
AB (PK is both fields A and B)
BC (PK is both fields B and C)
ABC (PK is all three fields A, B and C; FK from AB to table AB, and FK from BC to table BC)

Visiomodeler, VEA 2003 and VEA 2005 don't display conceptual model errors. SQL Server 2000 doesn't generate an error when I manually create tables like the above. So it seems that what I'm trying to do is valid.

I have an urgent need to be able to do this, so if someone can suggest another solution/workaround to this modeling problem, I'd be very appreciative.