Refresh problem on Reading tab

  • jmag

    jmag - 2006-11-20

    The place where you type in a readign for a predicate isn't working properly. The top part of the area is gray and the controls are invisible until you click around there to make them appear. Anyone else see this refresh bug?

    • Brian Nalewajek

      Brian Nalewajek - 2006-11-20

        I've been running into problem with several tabs (espcially the fact editor and sample data).  Usually, I have all windows hidden (push pin horizontal).  If I have a problem with a tab not comming up on-hover, I'll find one tab that will, and pin that one (pushpin vertical), then hide it again.  After that all the tabs are accessable again.  I have seen the greyed out items (and horizontal streaks of partial rows), in the sample population window, and it seems that only closing and reopening the project cleared that - though I don't know as I tried the pin/unpin senario for that.  Also, there may be some combinations of diagram object selection and window choices that cause or effect the problem, but I'm not sure.  Hope that the sticky windows is a problem cleared up in the next realase.  BRN..


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