cannot load ... object reference not set

  • JO3Y

    JO3Y - 2007-09-23

    I kept getting this error - usually when entering fact types in the FT editor.

    Now I have installed PliX and the sept. Norma.

    while following thru the readme, using the extension manager to turn off OIAL and Relational View and turning on the new preview extensions as recommended,

    i still get:

    cannot load ...orm object reference not set to an instance of an object

    then going back into extension manager, the OIAL and Rel. view are selected just as before, and the previews are again unselected.

    The relational view node in the Model Browser does not appear.

    Could I be doing something wrong, or perhaps my ORM file is corrupted?

    One last note to mention:

    I started with a clean new project and solution and added my ORM file to it.

    It opened with this error, which I don't understand:

    No builditemgroup was found for this file. Use the ORMgeneratorSettings dialog to add items to the group, or clear the customTool property.

    I cleared the customTool property and this error went away. but I don't understand what this means or why it happened. Before clearing CustomTool property, I could find ORMGeneratorSettings dialog (I did not change it). After doing this, the above problems did not resolve, and I can no longer find ORMGeneratorSettings dialog.

    Perhaps I need to delete my old relational view page from the model diagram?

    I'm confused...


    • Kevin M. Owen

      Kevin M. Owen - 2007-09-23

      Hi Joe,

      Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the ORM file you're experiencing this with? I can take a look at it and try to track down what the problem is.



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