June 2007 CTP

  • Brian Nalewajek

    Brian Nalewajek - 2007-06-17


    First thing I noticed after downloading the June 2007 CTP is that there are several installation files.  There are 3 .msi files and a setup.exe file.  (BTW there were no prior instances of NORMA, PLIX, or DSL tools on the machine used).  I tried the setup.exe file first - why not?  This installed the DSLTools, but ended the NORMA install because PLIX had not be installed.  The message said to add PLIX and reinstall.  I used the PLIX.msi to install that, and reran the setup.exe - everything went through.  So, why not add PLIX installation to to setup.exe?

    As expected the installation created a folder, in the Program Files folder, called Neumont.  This folder has PLIX and NORMA sub-folders.  Be sure to look in these for some documentation.

    Creating a Windows Application project as a base, I added a new ORM item as a test.  Bringing up the ORM item, I had to Rt. click in the work pane to bring up the ORM Tool Windows context menu - so that I could see the ORM Fact Editor, ORM Verbalization Browser, etc....  I don't recall having to add them in before.  The placement/behavior once added seems more stable than earlier releases.

    After creating a very simple model, I generated an SQL Server DDL script (and supporting files).  Haven't looked at the script to see if earlier faults were still present, but that's for later.  So, installation, ORM model creation and DDL generation went through without much fuss.  BRN..

    • Matthew Curland

      Matthew Curland - 2007-06-18

      Basically, we've just been using the setup pieces provided by DSLTools, which do the DSL runtime check and install it for you automatically for free. We haven't done the additional work item of forcing other msi's to install as part of the setup. This is clearly a work item, but last time I checked (over a year ago), I seem to recall that this was non-trivial to pull off.

      The toolwindow display is most likely from settings already on the machine. I would be interested to hear experiences form other folks.

      The generators haven't changed with this drop, please see comments to this effect in the 'Open Discussion' forum.



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