1 to 1 between Entities when Mandatory

  • Taber_Loveless

    Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-30

    Verbalization of column names does not work properly for a 1 to 1 fact between entities when a role is Mandatory.

    To get around this, I found that I must set the "Name" value on the mandatory Role of the fact.

    • Kevin M. Owen

      Kevin M. Owen - 2008-01-30

      Could you please post what the verbalization is currently coming out as, and what part of it is wrong (if it is not obvious)? Thanks.

    • Taber_Loveless

      Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-30

      Company(code) ___*-|-___ Subscription(Nr)

      verbs as:
      Company has DriverTech Subscription.
      Each Company has exactly one DriverTech Subscription.
      For each DriverTech Subscription, at most one Company has that DriverTech Subscription.

      but Database table:
      Company (Company_Code, Company, ...)

      UNLESS I provide a name for the Role marked as Mandatory (*)

      See the model I posed under General Discussion on the "Core" page (youll have to remove the role name).

    • Taber_Loveless

      Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-30


      When a role is set as Mandatory the constraint name in the Relational View becomes "Constraint" instead of "InternalUniquenessConstraintXX".

    • Taber_Loveless

      Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-31

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