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value types non functional

  • ted creedon

    ted creedon - 2007-02-19

    In the Feb CTP:
    1. open a new winapp project
    2. file>new>orm
    3. View toolbox
    4. Drag a value type to the ORM tab
    5. observe that an entity type is instantiated, not a value type

    • Brian Nalewajek

      Brian Nalewajek - 2007-02-19


        Yes, that's what I've seen too.  Things like this are, I think, just part of the state of flux in which the project is at the present time.  To my way of thinking, if there are several ways to get something done in NORMA, and at least one is working correctly at the moment, I'll go that route - so you can get to more interesting stuff.  You can enter the observation as a bug report, but my guess is that it will not be high on the priority list for things to fix.

        You might have seen this already, but you can switch an Object on the diagram to a value type, by selecting the 'is value type' in the properties window, when the object is in focus.

        Party because of glitches in the toolbox method of adding diagram elements, I prefer to do most basic fact entry using the FactEditor.  Entering a FactType in the FactEditor can get the bones of the FactType in place quickly.  For Example:

      Employee(ID) has FirstName()

      Creates an Entity type object, with the primary reference mode of 'ID', a connected binary predicate and a Value type object (this is designated by the empty parentheses pair.  Then, rather than dragging over an Internal Uniqueness Constraint,you can select the role or roles in the predicate that you want constrained and use the Rt Click context menu to assign the proper IUC.

        In all, I prefer using the FactEditor to using the toolbox, but having the option to use either is a good way to go.  The FactEditor could use more functionality, and the Toolbox could use some debugging.  BRN..


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