• ted creedon

    ted creedon - 2007-02-18

    Just installed the Feb CTP but can't seem to get a model started.

    Are there any current HOWTO's? If I recall there used to be an ORM model under project -> new


    • Brian Nalewajek

      Brian Nalewajek - 2007-02-18

        Did you check out the documentation bundle under the downloads section?  That has a series of PowerPoint presentations that should help - These were updated BEFORE the last CTP release, though.

        You can also post any particular problems you are having.

        Some common dead-ends to avoid are:
          Wrong edition of VS; you need VS 2005, Standard Edition or better - won't work with Express.

          Wrong Project type; I think it's still requires that you choose Windows Application or Console Application.

          Remnants of older CTPs; You need to uninstall older versions of the NORMA CTP, PLIX, DSLTools, then install the new versions of each that are part of the latest bundle. (Check the readme file that goes with the bundle.  BTW, Use Windows Explorer to locate the Neumont folder that is created in the Program Files folder of your system; you'll find useful stuff there.

        Once you have the CTP installed properly, and create a project of the proper type, you add an ORM as a 'Add new item' when the project is selected in the Solution Explorer window of VS.  the NORMA model diagram window will be open in the main work panel, and you can start adding model elements, either from the tool bar, or entering facts into the FactEditor then CNTL+Enter to have the line added to the diagram.  RtClick context menu is a good way to add constraints, etc..., and keeping an eye on the Error and Verbalization windows helps you to keep on track.  Going through the PPTs should make most of this clear.  Just remember that things change often when a project is in this stage of development.  Also, the documentation for NORMA hasn't always been complete or updated to match CTP releases.  BRN..

      • ted creedon

        ted creedon - 2007-02-18

        SVN has - Creating ORM Schemas -

        The Documentation tab has - Generating a Database Schema in NORMA -

        I don't see any powerpoints or a "package"

        Could you put all the docs (including  Norma LAb1.ppt) in SVN?

        I'll take a look at them and make a pdf up. The docs shold have the CTP release # in the filename...



        • Brian Nalewajek

          Brian Nalewajek - 2007-02-19


            Yes, for some reason they didn't put the documentation in the documentation tab, it's in the Download tab section.  Click on Downloads, and you'll see a Documentation entry between the 2/6/2007 CTP and the 1/29/2006 CTP.  That has the PPTs, and a pdf file on ORM2.  BRN..


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