DDL for External Constraints?

  • Taber_Loveless

    Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-24

    I have a diagram with a number of external constraints, none of which have any associated ddl for sql server generated. What might be the problem?

    • Kevin M. Owen

      Kevin M. Owen - 2008-01-24

      Unfortunately, we don’t yet support generating SQL code to enforce most of the external constraints. The external uniqueness constraints should come through (as long as everything they were attached to ended up in one table), but that is about all.
      Is there a particular kind of constraint (e.g. subset, equality, exclusion, etc.) that you would see as being a higher priority than the others? If so, we can try to focus our efforts on that one.

    • Jim

      Jim - 2008-01-24

      Can you share the .ORM file with us so that we can get more details?

    • Taber_Loveless

      Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-24


      I would like to post my .orm for comments since its my fist real-world model (since being a student at Neumont and working on the NORMA project at that time) BUT what I am working on is for my employer I must first get permission to "publicize" it :)

      In the even I do post my .orm I will use the open discussion.

    • Taber_Loveless

      Taber_Loveless - 2008-01-30

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