Printing all verbalizations?

  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-12-06

    Is it possible to get all the verbalizations from a model,
    instead of just a single element, so that I can print the
    list for manual validation?

    • Brian Nalewajek

      Brian Nalewajek - 2006-12-08

        Information is flowing like mud around here.  Don't know why team members aren't accessing the forums.
        Your question about listing the fact types and verbalizations is a good one, and would seem to be an important part of the ORM premiss of easy knowledge worker validation.  I was hoping to see the verbalizations in one of the Custom tool xml files, but I couldn't find any.  Looking in the object browser for a model, you can see that they come up in the Veb Browser as you hit each fact in the Fact Type collection.  What I can't tell is whether the verbs are stored in the collection, or NORMA is generating them (in the verb browser), as each object in the collection is sellected.  There might also be a clue if you right click the collection or an instance, and choose Debug View Store.  You'll see a whole lot more to drill down through, and some of it looks relevent, but I haven't found a single identifier for the verbalization elements (if there is one).  I'm not a developer, so you might have better luck.
        Some access to the verbalizations for model should be easily available within the NORMA tool.  That would make a good request item.
        Let me know if you find a solution.  BRN..

      • Tyler

        Tyler - 2006-12-12

        I'm guessing that team members aren't in the forums right now because it's right before finals.  That, and a lot of the senior members of the team (the ones that I knew, anyways) are graduating this quarter.

        Brian, last I checked, the verbalizations are generated on the fly. In the .orm file there are readings that are strings with replacement fields ("{0} drives {1}", for example), and NORMA fills those in at runtime.

        Have you guys tried selecting more than one Fact Type on the diagram?  I believe holding in Ctrl (or Shift?) and clicking them should work. Or drag a selection box around multiples. Or try Ctrl-'A' to select everything on the diagram. My regular laptop is in the shop, otherwise I'd give you a more definitive answer on this.

        -- Tyler Young

    • Brian Nalewajek

      Brian Nalewajek - 2006-12-12

      Hi Tyler,
        I had guessed that the academic schedule had lots to do with the activity here.  I took a look at Nuemont site and saw that they have 4 approx. 2 month on 1 month off quaters - with Dec 15th a last day of classes.
        Thanks for the suggestion to check on multiple selection of ORM elements.  I went right to an ORM diagram and used Edit>Select all, and everything showed up in the verbalization window - even the ModelNotes I had in that diagram, which is very helpful.  As that can be copied and pasted to an external document, that's at least part of a solution (enough to get by until the features of the next version(s) enable a self contained solution).  I'll need to take a closer look to see what ordering the Select all menu item uses, and see if that can be changed by selecting items individually.  Still, a good start, thanks again.
        Hope you are able to get your computer system sorted out.
        I was wanted to have some space on my website setup to suppliment this forum, with a place for people to upload ORM diagrams for review and comment.  I haven't had the time yet to do the site conversion I need to do - moving from ASP.Net 1.1, to 2.0.  I want to redo a lot of the format anyway, but it became even more of a chore when I found that my original VS .sln file was inadvertantly altered, and that made a straight up conversion to a VS 2005 Web Application Project a non-option.
        Should we not hear from each other in the next two weeks, have a great holiday, and merry Christmas.  BRN..


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