Visual Studio Class Diagram

  • Richardbuck

    Richardbuck - 2006-05-28

    In the future, will NORMA support the generation of a VS.Net class diagram from an ORM Diagram?

    Personally I'm more interested in being able to generate E-R Schemas, xml schema and domain models from the conceptual model than actual code generation.

    • Kevin M. Owen

      Kevin M. Owen - 2006-05-28

      Yes, alternate views on the ORM model are a feature that we are actively developing.

      We hope to have at least a relational view in place for our next release.

    • Richardbuck

      Richardbuck - 2006-05-29

      Excellent. I'll be following this with great interest. I studied Object Role Modelling at uni recently and found it very usefu, and I would like to use it more. This plug-in will enable me to do so.


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