#12 Sample population editor has multiple issues


Issues include:
* File cannot be re-opened after entering sample data,
* Multiple (re-)display issues - items not displaying
in correct locations or at all,
* Keyboard navigation is basically impossible, must
use mouse - should be able to type, hit <enter>, type
more, etc...
* Initial value consists of a single space, which
sometimes remains in the value and sometimes not,
depending on usage (initial space shouldn't exist and
spaces should be trimmed)
* Population validation errors indicate, for example,
that "Instance '6' does not participate in required
fact type", but doesn't identify which entity type
instance 6 relates to,
* Validation isn't reliably performed when switching
windows, or produces errors not mirrored in the other
windows (error list, verbalization browser, sample
population editor),
* Sample populations need to be able to be imported
via CSV files, etc
* Need to be able to sort data by column headings
* When entering data on an relationship to an entity
having a RefMode of ID, the selection drop-down
should if possible display values from another
already-populated candidate key.

I'm entering sample data into the attached model
using some of the info from the Tue and Wed series at
<http://street.orienteering.com.au>, if you want to
attempt the same thing to see the problems.

The attached ORM file won't re-open any more, I get
an "argument out of range" exception.


  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-11-13

    orienteering model file, broken by entering sample data

  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-11-14

    Logged In: YES

    Ok, some more detail on what causes the "argument out of range" on reload.
    It appears that after typing a row into a fact type, the last value is only
    partially committed if you click away to another VS window before clicking
    away to another row. This shows up as missing data in other fact type sample
    data, and as exceptions on reload.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Feature requests have been reposted as such, the issue
    causing your file to not load has been fixed in our code
    base. Extra errors are in the ORM that don't actually exist
    and a few seem to be missing, and the code for cleaning them
    up was malfunctioning. Still working to discover why extra
    errors were added. The attached file is fixed and should
    load correctly. NORMA will regenerate all errors for the
    given model. Please let me know if you manage to replicate
    this issue.

    The single space is a known issue, occuring at the control
    level. Hopefully will be fixed soon.

    The error messages should show the type of ObjectType the
    instance is, apparently the mandatory error didn't get that
    change though. This is also fixed.

    As for unreliable validation and redisplay issues, if you
    could be a bit more specific about what was happening and
    how to reproduce it I would be very appreciative.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Ben Meyers

    Ben Meyers - 2006-11-14

    Logged In: YES

    The last comment was from me, lost my internet as I
    submitted. Don't seem to be able to append a file to your
    tracker item right now, but you should be able to
    temporarily fix the issue by opening up the orm file in a
    text editor and deleting the entire Model Errors section.
    I'll try to get one of the admins to attach the file tomorrow.

  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-11-14

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks blmeyers. I had an old copy of the file - I'm being more careful after the last
    breakage :-)

    My last comment was out of sequence, but seems to be relevant anyhow.

    There were missing rows violating mandatory constraints because I couldn't re-open the file
    and finish them :-).

    One scenario for reproducing a "sticky" validation error is to type a bad character into a
    field - I accidentally typed a back-quote into a date field - then retyping to correct the
    value doesn't make the error go away (value '2006/1`' in the sample population for... is not
    of the specified data type') even though the error has been corrected. The only way to make
    the error dissappear seems to be to ^Z all the way back, discarding data entered since the
    error, until it goes away - then go forward without making further errors! I didn't try
    restarting VS for fear the project wouldn't load again. The same sort of thing happens with
    other validation errors, like missing values "fails to identify an instance of...".

    I can't reproduce the display issues now, but part of my troubles come from starting
    to type after clicking in a field but before the drop-down arrow appears (this takes one or
    two seconds). Typing in the intervening time makes the cursor jump to a different field. Very
    confusing. It'd be great if this was fixed and I could just TAB between fields.

    Thanks for your quick attention to these issues. I'm a great believer in the usefulness of
    this project!

  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-11-15

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    In changing the ORM model for Event/Series as per the comments in the forum
    (see <http://polyplex.org/cjh/software/orm> for details and ORM sample files),
    I needed to re-enter the twenty rows of sample event data and reproduced the
    display defect, as per the attached screen-shot and ORM file below. This file
    has sample data for the 20 "NumberInSeries" objectified relationships, but I've
    been unable to use the sample population drop-downs to re-enter sample data for
    the Event entity itself, so there are remaining errors in the model. It's just
    too buggy to use at this level.

  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-11-15

    Screenshot showing display problems in sample population editor

  • Clifford Heath

    Clifford Heath - 2006-11-15

    The ORM file from the display-bug screenshot


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