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Are we dead ? Surely not !

Yep, by reading the last news, one could ask himslef some questions about the activity of this project : many months without a single news, it seems to be not very promising...
But there is a very simple reason : we do not use the sourceforge web site for our communication (well, actually we could generalize that to "we do not make a lot of communication"). In fact we just use sourceforge for the CVS and the mailing lists. So, of you're asking "Wow ! 10 messages in a whole year ! Where is the life ?!", the answer is "Look at the mailing lists archives". Everything that is related to the developpement of Orion3D is talked about in the orion3d-dev ml. With an average of 130 messages per month, I consider this to be quite active and living ;).
For all the rest (including new releases etc.), prefer visiting the Orion3D webpage http://orion3d.sourceforge.net than waiting for weeks on sourceforge.

Posted by Antoche 2001-11-27

New mailing lists

Two new mailing lists have been added for your pleasure only : orion3d-info and orion3d-support.
Subscribe to orion3d-info to get (not) regular information about new Orion3D features and stuff like that.
The orion3d-support is not a fan mailing list, but a list for technical support : if you experience any problem with Orion3D, just do a little search in the archives of this list, and if you don't find anything, post a new mail. If you used to use orion3d-dev for getting help, plase switch to orion3d-support. You will NOT be helped less :)
So, if you're using Orion3D, and even if everything works fine and you don't have any problem, we suggest you subscribe these two lists to keep informed.
And finally, if you're asking yourself "how does it work inside ?", the orion3d-dev mailing list is still here, and still public.... read more

Posted by Antoche 2001-11-27

Orion3D new release 2.3

A lot of new stuff for the this release:

- The 3DSMax animations are now nearly totaly exported, thanks to the new plugin of Antoche, ACTExporter.
- The animation system have been totaly updated to support :
* Linear, bezier, TCB and constant track.
* Rotation via quaternions.
* Creation of a high level output library using GTK+ [take a look at gimpp, it rocks].
- And the documentation has been updated !

Posted by Gabriel Peyre 2001-03-07

Orion3D new release 2.2

A new release of Orion3D, featuring :
- support for Quake3 BSP [not yet finished].
- a sound engine using fmod.
- a lot of bugs have been fixed ...

Posted by Gabriel Peyre 2001-02-13

Orion3D new release 2.1 with SDK

Orion3D release a brand new SDK that include all
source code and much more.
The 2.1 version include 2 3DSMax plugins for
objects exports.
Release under MacOS & Unix comming soon !!
Le tout nouveau SDK d'Orion3D est enfin
disponible, avec tout les codes sources, et bien
plus encore !!
La version 2.1 du moteur contient 2 plugins
3DSMax pour l'export des objets.

Posted by Gabriel Peyre 2001-01-15

Orion3D v2.0 with Win32 dll

La nouvelle version d'Orion3D est intgre sous la forme d'un dll Win32 [ou d'une lib statique sous unix].
OrionViewer utilise maintenant ce dll.
The new version of Orion3D is now available via a Win32 dll [or a static lib under unix].
OrionViewer now uses this dll.

Posted by Gabriel Peyre 2000-11-28

On cherche des graphistes / We are searching for graphists

Nous aurions besoin de graphistes pour nous aider crer des scnes destines tester le moteur 3D. Les scnes ne seront pas cres uniquement dans un but de test puisqu'elles seront aussi utilises dans une dmo faite avec Orion3D.

We are searching for graphists to help us in desining 3D scenes for benching. These scenes will be also used to make a demo with Orion3D.

Posted by Antoche 2000-11-26


Nouvelle release du plug-in, avec une boite de dialogue avec des vrais morceaux d'options dedans, et il prend les textures en relatif et les recopies lorsqu'il cre le .KSP

Posted by Antoche 2000-11-26