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New mailing lists

Two new mailing lists have been added for your pleasure only : orion3d-info and orion3d-support.
Subscribe to orion3d-info to get (not) regular information about new Orion3D features and stuff like that.
The orion3d-support is not a fan mailing list, but a list for technical support : if you experience any problem with Orion3D, just do a little search in the archives of this list, and if you don't find anything, post a new mail. If you used to use orion3d-dev for getting help, plase switch to orion3d-support. You will NOT be helped less :)
So, if you're using Orion3D, and even if everything works fine and you don't have any problem, we suggest you subscribe these two lists to keep informed.
And finally, if you're asking yourself "how does it work inside ?", the orion3d-dev mailing list is still here, and still public.

Enjoy Orion3D ;)
P.S. : for the fan mail, send it directly to me ;

Posted by Antoche 2001-11-27

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