have blushed at such a thing; she said that to let blessed babies go dangling and dawdling about without
names, for months and months, was enough to ruin them for life.
She also said that if one
could not make up one's mind in twenty-four hours it was a sign that--But I will not repeat the rest,
as it might prejudice you against the most charming woman in the world. So Donald took his new velocipede and went out to ride up
and down the stone pavement and notch the shins of innocent people as they passed by, while Paul spun his musical top on the front steps. But Hugh refused to leave the scene of action. He seated himself on the top stair in the hall, banged his head against the railing a few times, just by way of uncorking the vials of his wrath, and then subsided into
gloomy silence, waiting to declare war if more "first girl babies" were thrust upon a family already surfeited
with that unnecessary article. Meanwhile dear Mrs. Bird lay in her room, weak, but safe and happy, with her sweet girl baby by her side and the heaven of motherhood opening again before her. Nurse was
making gruel in the kitchen, and the room was dim and

quiet. There was a cheerful open fire in the grate, but though

the shutters were closed, the side