Slave. Latimer
Journal Slave-holder to the North Star. Pierpont The Coffle Gang. A Slave
Zaza, the Female Slave. Miss Ball We're Coming. On to Victory. The Man for me. Parody Tucker The Bondman. Words from Liberator Right On. A Christian Fugitive's Triumph. Freedom's Banner. R.C. Wateson Good Time Coming. J. Hutchinson Jr. A Song for Freedom. Your Brother is a Slave. D.H. Jaques Come Join the Abolitionists. The Bigot Fire. John Ramsdale Oft in the Chilly Night. Pierpont Are ye Truly Free? J.R.
Lowell Emancipation Song. Bangor Gazette What mean ye? Light of Truth. Oliver
Johnson Flying Slave. Bangor Gazette Ye Heralds of Freedom. ***END OF THE PROJECT
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