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KSPExporter plugin

sam clore
  • sam clore

    sam clore - 2000-12-02

    I'm having a little trouble getting the "KSP Exporter.dle" plugin to load into 3ds max v2.5
    I have placed the file in the <3dsmax>/plugins directory yet it does not load.  Is there something else I have to do?

    • Gabriel Peyre

      Gabriel Peyre - 2000-12-07

      So you're meaning that when you try to export your scene, you don't have the "Krondor BSP [KSP]" prompt ?
      It work fine with 3ds3, and should work also with 3ds2, but perhaps Antoche's last changes use r3 specific instructions.
      So Antoche ????????

      • sam clore

        sam clore - 2000-12-07

        yes, that is exactly what is happening.  i do not have nor do i get any prompt for "Krondor BSP [KSP]".  its not even a option in in the file dialog box after i hit "File" then "Export"

        • Antoche

          Antoche - 2000-12-13

          It is very strange since I used the specifications of the 2.x version. I'll have a look.


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