New release: 1.1.0

This is the first GPL release of the Orientation Library!

The Orientation Library is a collection of routines for rotation/orientation calculations. It ranges from very general tools to others specific to materials science (crystal orientations). It has been written in ANSI C, and so is intended to compile on any system with a working ANSI C compiler. The library is available as two stand-alone files: one source code file, ‘ol.c’, and one source code header file, ‘ol.h’. It is well-documented.

1/ Orientation description: The most widely used descriptors are available, from Euler angles to quaternions. Functions make it possible to convert a descriptor into another.
2/ Orientation generation: The library provides functions to generate orientations, either in the whole orientation space or about a particular orientation.
3/ Orientation calculation: The library provides low- to high-level functions for orientation calculation, from, e.g., the calculation of an inverse rotation to disorientation calculation or orientation averaging. The descriptors used are rotation matrix and quaternion.

Posted by rquey 2008-01-07

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