Status of Project

  • Mark Nuttall

    Mark Nuttall - 2006-02-17

    Is this project being worked on at all?  How can we get involved to enhance it?

    • Erik Swenson

      Erik Swenson - 2006-02-18


      The last work I did on ObjectVisualizer was on the Hibernate3 plugin last summer.

      I plan on spending most of my time on OpenReports for the near future, so I'm not sure when I'll get back to ObjectVisualizer.

      If you want to get involved, send me an email and we can discuss it. If I start to work on it again, I may only support Hibernate going forward. It is too hard for one person to support and test multiple plugins and keep them up to date.

      - Erik

    • Mark Nuttall

      Mark Nuttall - 2006-02-20

        Should I use the sourceforge email?

        Any reason, other than time, that you can't/won't put time to it?  Do you think you ever will? 

        I really like the concept.  Hibernate tools has some of the functionality but not the visual piece. If you're not able to take it forward, ever thought of just donating what you have to Hibernate tools?  Just some ideas.  I don't want to see this project and all you have done die off.


    • Erik Swenson

      Erik Swenson - 2006-02-21

      Yes, please use the SourceForge email if you would like to email me.

      Time is basically the reason. I don't have the time to continue to develop OpenReports and ObjectVisualizer at the same time, so I am focusing on OpenReports for now.

      - Erik

    • Bruce Alspaugh

      Bruce Alspaugh - 2007-06-26

      I can't seem to find the source code for ObjectVisualizer anywhere in the repository.  I would like to study the source, even if it is not being developed.  Also, the domain does not seem to be working anymore.



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