Luciano Zanin - 2005-07-22

i'm having trouble trying to create a report with ORDesigner 1.3.0 and a query on a MySQL db.

My query is something like this:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(MIN(data_ora),'%d-%m-%Y') AS Start,
DATE_FORMAT(MAX(data_ora),'%d-%m-%Y') AS End,
FROM period

Defining field types in the report i set "Start" and "End" as java.util.Date, then as java.sql.Timestamp, as java.sql.time and substituted every recurrence of them in the XML Desing view; but when i try to run (view) the report an error always occurs signaling "Unable to get value for field "Dal" of class 'java.util.Date'" (or<othertypes-set>)

The original "data_ora" field is defined as a datetime column in the mysql db.

How should i define/handle date fields in the reports? (in the java language, i mean)

Thank you