Graham Pearson - 2005-02-12

I am trying to create a report based on a MySQL Query. The Query works within MySQL and produces an error message within OR Designer.

<queryString><![CDATA[Select First_Name, Last_Name, Department, Work_Number, Work_Ext, Birthday From users Where Roles < $P{Roles} Order by Last_Name, First_Name]]></queryString>

I have defined within the Edit Parameters, Fields, Variables the Roles which is java.lang.String and has a Default Value Expression of 99.

Everytime I try to run the report with OR Designer by clicking on the view tab it prompts me for the Report Parameters of Roles and I enter 99. When I click on the Okay, I get the following Message Dialog Box.

OpenReports Designer
Error preparing statement for executing the report query:

Select First_Name, Last_Name, Department, Work_Number, Work_Edt, Birthday
From Users
Where Roles < ?
Order by Last_Name, First_Name

Does anyone have any ideas.