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Creating SubReports

  • Graham Pearson

    Graham Pearson - 2005-02-14

    I have created 3 seperate 1 page reports which I am now wanting to use the subreport feature. Does anyone have any how-to's that explain the steps needed to create this type of report. Each of the 1 page reports all use the same datasource with the same parameter with just different fields from the database.

    If no guide is available for this and I can get assistance, I will create the necessary guide and offer it to the project. I have searched google about this and did not get any usable results.

    • Erik Swenson

      Erik Swenson - 2005-02-15

      Did you take a look at the AddressMasterReport and AddressSubReport in the samples directory? These reports are an example of adding a subreport to a report using a parameter. This method of using subreports will work with OpenReports.

    • Graham Pearson

      Graham Pearson - 2005-08-09

      Does anyone have these Files located anywhere. I have downloaded all of the OR Archives to locate these 2 Reports so I can learn how to do SubReports which at the present time is Beating me up. Any Assistance Greatly Appriciated.


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