mike1111mike - 2008-08-02

I still need help being able to delete unwanted files, as I now have saved 5 versions of the new techo-Metal, I want to delete the other 4 from within the program itself, instead of having to hunt thru My computer drive to manipulate files I should be able to manipulate thru the program itself??????????????

The program became more unsteady the more I opened the saved files, so I created the techno-Metal template all over again, from the 16 beat pattern. And I made a chart, and carefully wrote down the settings/trigger-hits, etc.., to duplicate the same program again.

I did not go thru the same solo/mute incompatability again, but once again I was able to make the same match of the 16 beat kit, with the techno kit ----as the assignments were given to Me as before.

I did remember incorrectly before, as even with a double time feel implied, I had saved the tempo as 95 BPM, and not 80 BPM.

But with the new, supposedly faultless version, I am still not able to save it as either a pattern, or a song, and retain the "Volume Levels" I want to assign to the pattern. The overall volume sets to where it wants, and the techno kit sets to 60, even though this time I tried saving them at 15 for all but the techno CHH which I saved at 45, ---but they all come back at 60, like the techno kit, or any kit for that matter, only lets You save, at what it was created at?????????????????

And then The main kit CHH, and OHH's save so low at 10, they don't come thru in the mix, even though I save them at 45, 35, and 30?????????

So the program is not acting as touchy as before, but I still can not save the correct volumes, as I would like to set them?????????

And because, I see a repeat, of only some of the same problems, I have proven, the code got saved screwed up from the previous pattern /even though I saved it in 4 different names/places before ---and I still want to be able to eliminate them, because they cause the program to act up, and I don't need them, with My 1 Almost working version????????????

I even added a techno Hi-Conga, with a little more syncopation, and left in a track I don't use, it gave Me, before what I wanted. So I could delete the non-used track, ----but this more complex ( more saved code /data ) version works better than the previous file, and yet I can not set track volumes, or master volume to save where I want them??????????????

And yet The program shows lots of promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to see not just 8/4 timming, but maybee 16th or 32nd note possibilities in future if possible, to do more of these Techno-Metal, and Metal beats in the future????????????

I would like to do double bass patterns, as fast as "Amon Amarth," to "Lamb Of God" style drumming if possible, as "Lamb Of God" for example uses some very fast tight patterns, with good fast double bass kicks ??????????????????????

I think the program has lots of potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I play metal Guitar, hence Why I am so interested in the Metal capabilities of the program, to work/play with, and possibly record with, so keep up good work with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, does/will the Arpegiater have more Metal tones, than the samples used with Jazz song sample, etc.., because I don't need Jazz tones in Metal??????????????

I realy wish You have some song sample patterns, with more Metal comps within the program???????????? It is easier to learn how to modify, if one likes the tone in the 1st place??????????? I am sure once I figure out how to select instruments from the list, to get them into Arpegiater, and assign values and all, with instruments I like, then I will be able to exlore more????????

Even if free version, is a work in progress, and a premium version has more features, or no????????????? I still hope Double bass 16th, and 32nd notes can become a future reality for the program, though at 95 BPM with an implied double time in this pattern I created tonight ( with no sleep all night ), I can see it's starting out as a nice program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!