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Updated Goals for the Project

I have updated the goals for the project:

# Create a fully operational operating system that is built around a lightweight, fast Java virtual machine mechanism(JamVM, JikesRVM).
# Initially, applications will be built around Java and the scripting environment Jython(Python on Java)
# Create a stable operating system around modern technology and current software development efforts.
# (Current Design Methodology) Slow and Steady: First milestone includes support for running applications off the filesystem.... read more

Posted by Berlin Brown 2005-05-30

Request for C/Java Developers

I am looking for help on an open source project. Actually, not that much help at all. It requires some GCC C. It requires some knowledge of linux or unix, especially make. I have already built part of the application. I have built the tools around it. All I really need is somebody to hack on this one section of code and possibly some advice on cleanups. It might require 200 lines of code tops and if you want to help out more, you can. It may take a total of a week, so you aren't entitled to anything. Even if you download it and you build the application on linux and tell me, you are helping me.... read more

Posted by Berlin Brown 2005-05-24

Adding more OS modules

started on floppy driver and scheduling, still a lot more to come, including memory management, block i/o and system-calls.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2004-04-04

Working on OS kernel

thats all?

Posted by Berlin Brown 2004-04-01


More done has been done to the custom OS kernel. It is a small kernel, but the hobbyist may be able to have fun with it.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2004-04-01

3/10/2003-Launch Date!

I will include files and website later today. Hope you enjoy. As so much as you can enjoy an operating system kernel and kit. I hope to provide a lot of documentation.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2003-03-10

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