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employee report

  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-10-21


    i have a problem, i enter as admin in OrangeHRM and i select
    timesheet/employee report, i select an employee, then project, activity,
    date. Then i click the button view, but i show 'no records found'and no
    report for employee.
    Do you help me please?

  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-10-21

    Hi Leucio,

    Thank you for your interest in OrangeHRM. I am sorry to hear you are having some technical issues with  OrangeHRM. Since our product is open source and free for anyone to use, we offer complimentary  and subscription support  for any who has technical issues. Here are the avenues you can receive support:

    OPTION A: If you prefer to get free support, you are welcome to research this question on our community (forums and developers) page.
    Here is the link

    Here is a link to our training materials


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