sub_zero - 2008-09-17

I have read the installation guide ,it is talking about 2.2 version,didn't find for 2.4 version!!
I have downloaded the 'OrangeHRM' appliance 'orangehrm-2.4.exe' and ran it.
The wizard asked me for the components I want to install,I chose PHP,MySql and Apache.
The wizard then asked me for admin username and password,I gave 'Admin' for username and 'changeThis1St' for password as stated in the installation guide.
After wizard finshed,I opened my IE 7 browser,typed the URL: http://localhost/orangehrm-2.4
(where localhost is my pc name),the login screen appeared asking for username and password,
I typed 'Admin' for username and 'changeThis1St' for password but I found the message 'invalid login'!!!
What went wrong?
is there any steps missing I didn't make in the installation?
I have read in the installation guide about creating the enabling 'InnoDB',I found it already enabled.
The wizard didn't ask me for any database creation!!!
Could anybody tell me what is wrong?
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