Need help with Install OrangeHRM

  • teresa

    teresa - 2009-05-27


    I'm new here and this is my first post.

    I've been trying for couple of days to install OrangeHRM with no success. I'm stuck at on step 6 (Installation) and this is the error I'm getting:

    Step 6: Installing
    Installation aborted due to an error. Click [Clean Up Install] to correct the error and try installing again.

    Table 'hs_hr_geninfo' already exists

    Database Creation Done
    Create Database Tables Error
    Fill default data into the database Aborted
    Create Database User Aborted
    Create Default User Aborted
    Write Configuration File Aborted

    I'm installing it on my laptop to test it. I have:
    XAMPP 1.7.1
    OrangeHRM 2.4.2

    The XAMPP control panel is running and Apache is running as svc along with mysql too.
    I have entered many database names and I still get the same error msg.

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks,

    • teresa

      teresa - 2009-06-02

      No one has an answer? to update, I have downloaded v 2.5 beta 5 and got the same error. Please someone suggest something.
      Do I need to do anything with sql or apache? before running or installing orangehrm?


      • teresa

        teresa - 2009-06-02

        I'm afraid, looking at the list of posts, there seems to be a pattern.

        Lots of posts from people having trouble installing OrangeHRM and lots of people viewing those posts but very few answers.

        I could suspect that the idea is that you don't install this yourself, you pay OrangeHRM for the full hosted service, but that would be awfully cynical.

        • teresa

          teresa - 2009-06-02

          The easiest way to get orangeHrm running is to try eazybusiness for free. The installation/configuration is automatic. You just register and start using it.
          I hope this helps.

          • teresa

            teresa - 2009-06-02

            Unfortunately, it doesn't help those of us trying to install OrangeHRM on our own private servers!

            • teresa

              teresa - 2009-06-05


              I ran into the same error - To avoid the error do the following.

              1) Delete the database from mysql
              2) manually create your database again
              a. create database <your_database_name>
              b. use <your_database_name>
              3) load the dbscript.sql (using mysql query browser)
              4) modify your conf.php ( ../lib/confs/conf.php)
              a)     $this->dbname    = '<your_database_name>';
              b)     $this->dbuser    = '<your_db_username>';
              c)     $this->dbpass    = '<your_db_password>';
              5) login in
              username: demo
              password: demo

              Thank you.

              • teresa

                teresa - 2009-06-05

                Thanks for the instruction. I guess I'm still having problem. That's what I have done so far.
                I opened phpMyAdmin
                Created a new database "Pearl" -- Collation with "utf8_general_ci" connection
                then I use Pearl
                Import dbscript.sql
                Then modified conf.php
                function Conf() {

                $this->dbhost    = 'localhost';
                $this->dbport = '3306';
                $this->dbname    = 'Pearl';
                $this->dbuser    = 'root';
                $this->dbpass    = 'samsafi';
                $this->smtphost = 'localhost';

                then I tried to do the install again. going to http://localhost/orangehrm-2.4.2/instal ... llerUI.php
                then Next at the welcome screen
                then it ask me for the userID/Password
                Entering demo/demo or root/samsafi gives me this error:
                NO database Connection found

                Technical Details
                Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) MySQL Error # :1045

                System Environment
                •OrangeHRM : 2.4.2
                •PHP : 5.2.9
                •MySQL Client : 5.0.51a
                •Memory limit : 32M
                •Maximum session lifetime : 1440

                Please note
                The error was logged in the OrangeHRM log located in C:\xampp\htdocs\orangehrm-2.4.2\lib\logs/logDB.txt

                So I went to phpMyAdmin and selected "Pearl" --> Privileges and edited localhost and added the password
                and tried to login again. But still getting the same error that no database connection were found

                What am I missing or doing wrong? Sorry my knowledge in sql and php is very limited.


                • teresa

                  teresa - 2009-06-05


                  You are already in step 6 and the installation is almost finished.

                  Repeat the the step I give early. And that is all you need to do. You do not have to repeat the install.

                  Please make sure that the database is created and populated.

                  Then: http://localhost/orangehrm-2.4.2/login.php

                  Remember that the userid and password is demo

                  User root will not work because it is not part of the dbscript.sql that you ran only demo will work. You can create more users once you are log in to OrangeHRM.

                  Thank you.

    • Mafaz Mazeen

      Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-07-20

      "eaguda wrote:Sam,

      I ran into the same error - To avoid the error do the following.

      1) Delete the database from mysql
      2) manually create your database again
      a. create database <your_database_name>
      b. use <your_database_name>
      3) load the dbscript.sql (using mysql query browser)
      4) modify your conf.php ( ../lib/confs/conf.php)
      a) $this->dbname = '<your_database_name>';
      b) $this->dbuser = '<your_db_username>';
      c) $this->dbpass = '<your_db_password>';
      5) login in
      username: demo
      password: demo

      Thank you.

      Hi eaguda,

      I did your instruction. I created a database name, database user and password. I manually edited the conf.php.
      Then I log in to, I used "demo" for user and password, but it gave me an error:


      MySQL Query Error : SELECT a.USER_NAME, a.USER_PASSWORD, IFNULL(b.EMP_FIRSTNAME, a.USER_NAME), a.ID, a.USERG_ID, a.STATUS, LPAD(a.`EMP_NUMBER`, 3, 0), a.IS_ADMIN, b.EMP_STATUS FROM hs_hr_users a left join hs_hr_employee b on (a.emp_number = b.emp_number) WHERE a.USER_NAME='demo'

      Technical Details
      Table 'aits4wol_orange4wol.hs_hr_users' doesn't exist MySQL Error # :1146

      Please help..


    • Mafaz Mazeen

      Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-07-30

      I am having the same problem so I would to know if you get it installed

      Answer please


    • Mafaz Mazeen

      Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-08-11


          Table 'hs_hr_geninfo' already exists

      In the following way this can happen.

      1. User come upto the last step and click install.
      2. It starts to install and shows the status "creating tables".
      3. After few seconds, it gives a blank page. (The reason here is the maximum execution time allocated to run a php script is exhausted. Then it stops running the script and does not send anything to the browser. So browser has nothing to show and it is the blank page)
      4. User refresh the page and resend the form data again, where the installer again starts.
      5. System start to install the app again and when trying to create the first table "hs_hr_geninfo", it finds the table already exists. (previous run created few tables until the time pass).
      6. This is the reason for the error.

      So now you know the reason and would ask how to increase the maximum execution time in php.
      Do the following and try again installing.

      Open the php.ini file and locate the following line

      Code: Select all
          max_execution_time = 30

      Change the value to 60.
      Restart the apache server application.
      Now try installing the application again.
      Before that make sure that there is no database with the name and having tables already created.

      This should install the application without any error.

      Post the result after trying.
      If you want to install orangehrm in a shared server, best thing to try is manual install.
      Go to the following page and there are many FAQs that would help you to do this.


    • Mafaz Mazeen

      Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-08-12


                  How can I login to website Orangehrm?


                  1. I download “orangehrm-2.4.1” and install already.

                  2. I go to http://localhost/orangehrm-2.4.1/login/php but i don’t know username & password to login

                  3. I install Orangehrm with XAMPP , Didn’t setup at installer.php? , I see at but not same.

                  4. If I want to change English menu to Thai menu , how can I change ?

      Thank you

      Chayaphol Sup.

    • Mafaz Mazeen

      Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-09-03

      Hey Nilofer,

      It was awwwwwwwwesome. It fixed the problem.

      Thanks a loooooot for the help. Keep the good work up.


  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-09-17


    Can you please help in installing OrangeHRM.. I am getting problem after the database creation screen, as soon as I click Next, I am getting a blank screen and it looks like problem with install.php file.. How to rectify this.

    Also can use any other database name and the database user name instead of the default database name i.e  hr_mysql and the default database user orangehrm.

    I have no idea about Mysql, I am completely new to it.

    Thank you so much

  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2010-02-05

    i am also got relief regarding this issue..because i am also waiting for solution for fixing the problem for my system.

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-11-15

    Thank you Nilufer… I guess it depends on how fast the scripts are processed.. I had installed this on different systems with same steps and was able to install without any issues except for one system which always failed. I guess it was slow in processing the scripts.. Thanks again..


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