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  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-09-25


    we installed orange hrm in our LAN and it is working . now we want to make it available online. let me know the easy steps to link it with our website.
    our hosting service details are as given:

    Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix)
    PHP version 5.2.9
    MySQL version 5.0.77-community
    Architecture i686

    can any one explain it step by step as i am not familiar with web based installation

    thanks in anticipation


  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-10-05

    hey madhu it's very simple to install the orangeHRM on your web

    First step: decide where to you want to install the organgeHRM in your web; here the options:
    1) in a directory on main domain like:
    2) on a sub-domain on your website like

    In case of first option, ask your web admin to create a director with whatever name you like. And then get the orangeHRM files copied on the web. But remember you have to copy a new files, the not the one installed on your LAN. all the orangeHRM is copied; please to the address and install it from there…..with the instructions to be given to you….

    in case of the sub-domain, get the sub domain created. then using file manager in your web hosting software go the directory for sub domain. Rest process is same, copy files in root of the sub-domain. Then run your sub domain like

    we have installed on our website, you can check here…


  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2009-10-27

    hi hassan,

    thanks a lot for the timely help.we installed it.

    all the best for you and your organisation.



  • Mafaz Mazeen

    Mafaz Mazeen - 2010-04-27

    Hi there Hassan!

    Thank God! I also have the same problem and I do not have any idea on how to do that. I am really frustrated about it.
    It's a good thing that I saw your post on this thread. I immediately registered here so that I can say thank you to you!

    Just want to let you know guys that I am a newbie in this field and doesn't know that much.. so thank you guys for letting me join on this forum.

    Regards to all!


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