Arnold De Souza - 2010-12-21

Hi Sir,

I am using orangeHRM version 2.6 and xampp version 1.7.3 on windows vista enterprise SP2.

My main interest is in your system ability to notify employees via emails and in using "Leave module" with mail notification feature.

I used web installer in installation and it completed successfully. I installed it on my development machine which has a dynamic IP.

My problem in email configuration, it is a primary requirement but I failed to configure it correctly.

I need to send emails to other employees company mailboxes, actually we are in same location and using same LAN but we use outlook 2007 as email client and connect to company exchange server.

Kindly help me to configure email module correctly. any solution is accepted ( either configuring email client to use company mail server or configuring mail server installed with the application to send to others over LAN ).

Thanks a lot for your support