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  • teresa

    teresa - 2008-11-18

    Hi guys again i am stuck here at this link
    http://allcareh.ipower.com/Allcare/orangehrm- it is asking for login information once i provide the login info which is the database information i recieve this error. Please can anyone assist me with this


    MySQL Query Error : SELECT a.USER_NAME, a.USER_PASSWORD, IFNULL(b.EMP_FIRSTNAME, a.USER_NAME), a.ID, a.USERG_ID, a.STATUS, LPAD(a.`EMP_NUMBER`, 3, 0), a.IS_ADMIN, b.EMP_STATUS FROM hs_hr_users a left join hs_hr_employee b on (a.emp_number = b.emp_number) WHERE a.USER_NAME='dab'

    Technical Details
    Table 'allcareh_hrm2.hs_hr_users' doesn't exist MySQL Error # :1146

    System Environment

    * OrangeHRM :
    * PHP : 5.2.4
    * MySQL Client : 4.1.11
    * Memory limit : 128M
    * Maximum session lifetime : 1440

    Please note
    The error was logged in the OrangeHRM log located in /hermes/bosweb/web091/b919/ipw.allcareh/public_html/Allcare/orangehrm-

    If you are unable to resolve the problem please post the problem in OrangeHRM Forum

    • teresa

      teresa - 2008-11-18

      Hi David,

      How did you install the application and were there any issues when installing the application because it seems to me hs_hr_users table missing.

      check whether table is in the database .


      • teresa

        teresa - 2009-03-09

        HELLO ALL, i am newbie here i have completed .net class but i have problem when it comes to installing mysql i get millions of error so please help out.

        thanks a lot


    • teresa

      teresa - 2009-05-21

      Hi DaVID,
      Check if innodb is set,
      Go to phpmyadmin,click on the "storage engines",
      if the innobd color font is blue,then its turn on,if not then is disabled.
      turn it on,stop mysql and start it.
      Then try to log in again.
      Should be able to work for u.

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-08-10

    If the error message occurs every time in an application using Windows Authentication, and the client and the SQL Server instance are on separate machines, then ensure that the account which is being used to access SQL Server is a domain account

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-08-23

    Try closing your browser and logging in again.

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-08-23

    My problem is that I have define a workgroup in windows
    XP, windows asks for a restart. When I have restarted I try to login
    with my account define in certain domain but it doesn't work. I imagine
    that the computer restart in teh WORKGROUP domain so my user is not
    define in it. Does it exist a default user for the new worhgroup
    created ?
    I'm totally blocked I can't access my machine anymore.

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-11-25

    I will download Visual studio 2005 express this weekend and try to compile my code according to your template. I will back to the forum to confirm if it works.


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