database installation error

  • teresa

    teresa - 2008-10-30

    If anyone can help I am having problems installing the HRM on my Xp machine as I get any error during the creation of tables that they already exist and the installation halts. So I tried the manually installation of the database as in the FAQ of the HRM installation. And I get this error below when I try to log on. Please help!!!!!

    NO database Connection found
    Technical Details
    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) MySQL
    Error # :1045
    System Environment
     OrangeHRM :
     PHP : 5.2.6
     MySQL Client : 5.0.51a
     Memory limit : 128M
     Maximum session lifetime : 1440
    Please note
    The error was logged in the OrangeHRM log located in C:\Program
    Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2

    • teresa

      teresa - 2008-11-03

      Configure the application to give the authentication iformation it requires to access MySQL server.

      To do this rename file Conf.php-distribution(in /orangehrm/lib/Confs/) to Conf.php and edit following settings. Set the following parameters

      $this->dbhost = '[IP address of MySQL server]';
      $this->dbport = '[port no, of MySQL server]';
      $this->dbname = '[orangehrm-db-name] ';
      $this->dbuser = '[username]'; //the user name of the account you created
      $this->dbpass = '[password]'; //the user name of the account you created
      $this->smtphost = '[SMTP server DNS or IP address]'; //the DNS or IP address

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-08-23

    I have tried as suggested by will…i m trying to install version 4.09.03 and am always getting this error. I am trying to install it on my local computer in IIS and have given full control permissions to the entire files and folders in the main folder(DNN Folder too)Please help and suggest how to overcome this issue…

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-08-26

    This problem also happens (for me, anyway) when I fail to remember to set appropriate permissions on the database, and skip the verification step. Since I have the world's strangest dev database setup, I assumed it was just me and didn't log it.

  • Arnold De Souza

    Arnold De Souza - 2010-11-02

    i try to install PostgreSQL 8.1. i have installed it befor now and had to uninstall because of i fogot my password.
    now i cant install. it will give several errors such as "the account already exist" etc.
    but when i gave a completly new name it will give the following error
    "internal accout lookup faliure:no mapping between account name and security ID's was done."


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