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Orablog version 0.1 released

The first release of Orablog is now available. Orablog is a LAPO (Linux, Apache, PHP, Oracle) blogging solution that was forked from the popular open-source blogging software WordPress.

This release is available for general use and is used to power the www.orablog.org and www.lamptolapo.com web sites. We have included the Kubrick2 (K2) theme in our distribution and made it the default. Orablog 0.1 also includes the Filosofo Homepage Control, Hello Dolly, Obfuscate E-mail and WordPress Reports plugins. The majority of Orablog's database queries now use prepared statements with bind variables for improved security and performance. On our development machine, we regularly see a 10-20% performance advantage to Orablog over WordPress/MYSQL. More performance gains will be made once we tune the Oracle database tables.... read more

Posted by Ryan Fife 2006-09-22