#40 Please provide a mirror of repository on alternative source hosting platform



and first of all thanks for the tool and all the work you put into it.

Would it be possible for you to provide a mirror on a source hosting platform that provides pull requests, say Bitbucket? This way people would be able to interact with you and contribute code without having actual access to the repo, but also without having to create patches. How this works is that the potential contributor forks from your repo, then makes the changes and commits them to the fork. After that, a pull request - or even selective pull requests for individual features - can be sent to your project. You can then comment on them, discuss them, reject or approve them.

Much easier than filing a ticket here on SF.net. Unfortunately SF.net still doesn't provide this feature even for the Git and Mercurial repos.

Thanks for reading,

// Oliver


  • Cosmin Truta

    Cosmin Truta - 2013-12-29

    Hello, Oliver,

    This is a good suggestion. I stayed with SourceForge, this is what I have been using from the very beginning, but if collaborative work with DVCS is more cumbersome (I didn't know that it is) then yes, I will consider moving to either Bitbucket or GitHub. (I mention GitHub because migration from Mercurial to Git is something that I also contemplate doing.)

    There are some project-unrelated logistics that I must sort out, though. I haven't been able to contribute new code in more than a year, and I appreciate your recent contributions.

    Would it be possible, for the time being, to push your fork of this repo to any location or hosting of your choosing? You can use either Mercurial or Git. Whenever you have new code, just drop a line here in the Ticket section, you don't need to send the actual patches or bundles. I can pull directly from your fork instead.

  • Oliver Schneider

    Ah yeah, of course we can do it this way as well, no problem. For the moment I have no further contributions, but I intended to look into the library and the in-memory optimization stuff.

    As for Git vs. Mercurial it's a matter of taste. I prefer Mercurial, but your mileage may vary. Depends entirely what features you need overall.

    // Oliver

  • Cosmin Truta

    Cosmin Truta - 2013-12-29

    Yeah, I like how Mercurial does certain things, and I like how Git does certain other things. Can't please everybody, I guess...

    I will leave this request open for the time being. Pending the resolution of the above-mentioned logistics, I will see whether to keep the development repo on SourceForge only, or mirror it elsewhere, or move it elsewhere altogether.


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