#25 Switch for insane search level


I would personally welcome switch for the msot exhaustive search, whole 1080 tries. Since it is not any problem for todays processors, I use only this mode, but it's time consuming to manualy specify all the switches every time. If there would be single one for it, it would be great.


  • Behemot

    Behemot - 2011-05-14
    • priority: 5 --> 4
    • summary: Switch for insane sarch level --> Switch for insane search level
  • Cosmin Truta

    Cosmin Truta - 2012-08-25

    If you see the help screen, you are actually given a hint on how to enable the "insane" mode: it's "-o7 -zm1-9".

    Other than that, in OptiPNG version Hg there's the new -o6, which works over an even larger space than the current -o7 (360 instead of 240 trials). That code is still under development.

  • Cosmin Truta

    Cosmin Truta - 2012-08-25
    • status: open --> pending
  • Andreï Victorovitch Kostyrka

    Well, this kind of syntax for the “extreme” mode seems inconvenient for me, too: OK, the final mark of the scale is -o7, and the -o1, -o2, ..., -o7 are making the sieve increasingly fine and the number of trials greater, but in order to switch from 240 to 1080 tries, we have to use another logic and write an additional switch. Why? Is there some profound meaning? Why not just make it -o8?


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