#43 Expand wildcard functionality.


Feature Request: Enhance wildcard functionality.

Thank you for this add-on. Having discovered it, not sure I ever want to live without it.

Could you expand the wildcard functionality beyond just '*'? Ultimate would be full RE, but not there yet.

In the mean time, of particular value would be '?' for matching a single character.

Despite saying english results only, google keeps returning non-english search results, and results from non-english sites. I'm sure they're fine sites, but I can't read them, so returning them in a search result to me is pointless. I really like your filter mechanism in that instance - I can be aware that the pages are out there, without being distracted by the search hit. Granted - google translate is out there, but I can still choose that option if I can't find what I'm looking for in English.

So, for example, I can filter forums,ubuntu-*.*/* and take care of those. (English / U.S. forums being forums.ubuntu.*/*.

However, there are sites of the form mysite.@@, e.g. mysite.sk, mysite.de. Filtering with mysite.*/* would catch mysite.com/*, which I would want to keep. However, filtering by mystie.??/* would work.

Beyond that a minor improvement be to be able to exclude .uk from the above, but I think you really are into full RE at that point.

Actually - another way to do this would be to establish whitelists. Then I could, for example:
mysite.com (whitelist)
mysite.uk (whitelist)
mysite.* (blacklist)

I don't know the order in which you process filters, but if they are in the order entered, then perhaps an easy to implement a whitelist is to accept it is if a post-pended '+' is present. Default would be as current, and a post-pended '-' would also mean blacklist.

If such a scheme were implemented, I expect you would also have to implement an up/down arrow in the filter list dialogue, to change the filter string orders.

Thanks for anything you can do.


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