Compatible hardware


In this page, a building list of hardware devices that can be controlled by OpticsBenchUI is shown:


Firewire cameras: All cameras compatible with the IIDC (DCAM) standard can be controlled by OpticsBenchUI. It uses the open source library libdc1394.

Ethernet cameras: All cameras compatible with the GiGEVision standard are controlled using the open source aravis library.

CameraLink cameras: camera control still depends on camera and framegrabber vendor libraries.
  Up to now, OpticsBenchUI allows to control:
  - Bitflow framegrabbers in association with Andor Neo and Andor Zyla cameras.
  - EPIX framegrabbers in association with Raptor Falcon cameras.

DAC boards:

Advantech released their own package for Linux and can be compiled with OpticsBenchUI.

ADLink PCI-6208 are controlled by OpticsBenchUI using open source comedi.

NI-DAQ PCI-60XX analog outputs are controlled by OpticsBenchUI using open source comedi.


NI-DAQ PCI-60XX series counters are controlled by OpticsBenchUI using open source comedi.


Motor controllers are generally shipped with their own interface documentation associated to a standard communication protocol (serial, ethernet, usb etc..). This makes possible interfacing them in a general purpose communication/driver factory library. Serial communication uses the Linux general termincal interface to control asynchronous communications ports (termios.h). Usb control uses either user space libusb library (PI motors), or some specific kernel space modules, when provided by the vendor (Standa motors). Ethernet uses the Linux socket interface (socket.h).

Here follows a list of controller brands that are interfaced in OpticsBenchUI project:

PI: Many controllers specialized in piezo and nano positioning, offers a multiple way to interface their controllers via RS-232, Ethernet, USB, and a very handy general command set (GCS).

Micos GmbH: provides Serial/GPIB/USB/Ethernet interfacing with Venus ASCII command language.

Trinamic: provides CAN, RS485 and RS232 interfaces. OpticsBenchUI interface uses RS232.

Standa: provides its own USB driver for Linux

New Focus : Picocontrollers can be assembled in desy chain via RS-485, and a Ethernet module allows communication to the chain, using the motion-control-language (MCL)

Newport: Has USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces, and provides a ASCII command language set.

Here follows a list of optics instruments that are interfaced in OpticsBenchUI project:


Spatial light modulators use a mask image that is displayed in a separated panel by OpticsBenchUI


Supercontinuum laser source from NKT is interfaced using the open source CP210X USB to UART bridge, available from silicon labs.

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