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[bbc473] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

fix iteration count

2013-04-25 16:15:44 Tree
[ae7c7f] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

allow spaces in objective names (tsv)

2013-03-26 12:24:54 Tree
[392a5a] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

fatjar added

2013-03-26 11:25:46 Tree
[64e76c] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

assertions added

2013-03-13 14:19:07 Tree
[2474f7] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

equality of objectives asserted

2013-03-11 14:35:08 Tree
[d608e5] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Set version to SNAPSHOT with date

2013-03-03 01:30:41 Tree
[e7f8da] (3.0) by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Close 3.0 branch

2013-03-03 01:21:12 Tree
[467982] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Tag as 3.0 branch

2013-03-03 01:20:48 Tree
[d03d7f] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Replace whitespaces, tabs etc. in objective name in tsvlogger

2013-03-03 01:06:43 Tree
[9c0b94] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL


2013-02-27 15:15:39 Tree
[2fc33c] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Updated package info for satdecoding module

2013-02-27 15:15:25 Tree
2013-02-27 11:57:21 Tree
[7ee171] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

update problem javadoc

2013-02-27 11:56:22 Tree
[4f3d8c] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

update optimizer package level javadoc

2013-02-27 11:46:27 Tree
[da8d14] by michaelglass

Link to Guice 3.0 Javadocs.

2013-02-27 08:17:36 Tree
[053f89] by michaelglass

Merge with 701259fa1da1d51739c0a38248ec27c3dc51bb89

2013-02-26 16:10:36 Tree
[102fb3] by michaelglass

Include link to javadoc from Standard Java 6 and Google Guice in Opt4J javadoc.

2013-02-26 15:45:08 Tree
[419bad] by michaelglass

Minor CSS 1.7 tweak.

2013-02-26 15:44:29 Tree
[701259] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Fix comments (wrong javadoc package description)

2013-02-26 15:15:47 Tree
[062b09] by michaelglass

Only include PUBLIC Javadoc in the release.

2013-02-26 14:39:23 Tree
[7306e9] by michaelglass

Directlink to the newest .jar on Sourceforge on the download page (avoid three clicks to download).

2013-02-26 14:37:51 Tree
[eda020] by michaelglass

Included Opt4J-specific stylesheets for Javadoc; both for the old Javadoc up to 1.6 and also the new Javadoc coming with 1.7.

2013-02-26 14:36:58 Tree
[36b97f] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

validated xhtml; typos

2013-02-25 13:08:17 Tree
[59c613] by Felix Reimann Felix Reimann

rm java warnings

2013-02-25 11:27:15 Tree
[887098] by martin.lukasiewycz@CE006-4.TUMCREATE.LOCAL

Add javadoc link to Opt4J class

2013-02-24 14:15:25 Tree
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