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Compatibility releases for the sunbird plugins

Just as we released our timesheet and calendar plugins for sunbird mozilla decided to ship a new sunbird release (0.3.1). We updated our plugins to this new release and they are available in the download section. If you already have the plugins installed, just update sunbird and it will download the new plugins for you.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2007-02-26

OPS calendar extension for sunbird 0.3 released

Version 0.2 of the OPS calendar plugin for sunbird is now available for download. This release is compatible with the latest stable sunbird release (0.3). While working on this plugin we found a couple of minor bugs in the timesheet plugin as well. Therefore we're releasing an update of that extension at the same time. Its available at the download section and through the update service.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2007-02-20

OPS email for thunderbird and OPS timesheet for sunbird mino

The last releases resulted in some additional requests on the mailing lists and a small bug. These releases include some minor cosmetic changes and can be updated trough the mozilla update system as usual.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2007-02-20

OpsEmail Thunderbird plugin 0.2 released

We just released a new version of the OpsEmail plugin for thunderbird. This version (0.2) includes a couple of bugfixes and filter selection for the project selection list. To change the filter go to the tools -> OpsEmail options dialog and select the filters tab.
The plugin is available in the download section through the mozilla update system (tools -> Add ons -> find updates).

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2007-02-19

New thunderbird build for linux

We are still/again trying to get our patch integrated into the mozilla source tree. And since this required a new patch and as such a new development environment we decided to release a new thunderbird build for linux. This build will hopefully be the last before we can use the regular builds (cross my fingers).
This build is accompanied by a new opsemail plugin (0.1.2) that has been made compatible with the current thunderbird version and enables the automagic updates so that following releases can be updated through the update service build into thunderbird.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2007-02-13

OpsTimesheet 0.2.1 release for sunbird

This release makes the ops timesheet plugin compatible with sunbirds latest stable release (0.3). Please give it a thorough test and report anything you find.
Updates are available here on and through the update service. The easiest way to upgrade is to install the new sunbird 0.3 release and then update the ops plugin thorugth the tools -> addons menu (right click on opstimesheet and select update).

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2007-02-12

New OpsEmail releases for squirrelmail (0.2)

New versions of the squirrelmail plugin ( for php4 and php5 ) are availble for donwload. These releases fixes one annoying bug namely:

[ 1472888 ] project selection missing when replying
After typing a couple of messages it became very frustrating.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-04-28

New timesheet reportserver release (0.2)

Version 0.2 of the ops-reportserver-httpclient is releases. This release features a lot of bug fixes and feature-enhancements. The following list of bugs are fixed:

[ 1444681 ] XSL element remarks
A locale file is included for nl and us. Others can be added very easy by copying them to the webapp next to the others.
The OOo plugin now has a seperate stylesheet and the rest have headings which include project and person information and titles which show the period aswell.... read more

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-04-28

new OpsTimesheet plugin for Mozilla Lightning

This release feutures handy tooltips on the monthview to show project information and the total hours booked on that day.
Also in this release a couple of bugfixes; There were some problems with events that couldn't be modified.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-04-18

OpsTimesheet client for Mozilla Lightning

As promised, we just released a OpsTimesheet client for Mozilla lightning. This release is fully functional but has not got the neat tooltips with project information. This is due to the fact that lightning uses a new gui without tooltips. None the less we will try to reintroduce this as soon as possible. The plugin can be downloaded from our download page at sourceforge ( as usual. Please remember to upgrade your projectserver to version 0.2 before trying this plugin.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-04-13

New calendar plugin available for Mozilla Lightning

Since mozilla releases the first version of Mozilla Lightning (A calendar plugin for Thunderbird) it was about time to make our first release for lightning aswell. The first version is based on the original plugin for Mozilla Sunbird and has the same features. We hope to release OpsTimesheet for lightning very soon.

For the lightning xpi check After installing that our plugin is available at the download page (

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-04-12

OpsProject v0.2 released

We just releases a 0.2 release of the OpsProject server. This release includes some changes to the underlying ldap schema to make it possible to disable tasks when they are completed. To make use of this new feature the webservices and the sunbird timesheet client have to be updated. See for a detailed description of the upgrade proces(should not take more then 15-30 min).

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-04-07

New Squirrelmail plugin available for php5

There is a new version of the squirrelmail plugin available. There are no new features in this release, but it is compatible with php5.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-03-31

New Thunderbird build for linux

Since our patch for OPS didn't make the last thunderbird release, we decided to make another (stable) thunderbird build with the correct patches included. You can download it for linux from: It's the stable 1.5 release.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-03-23

New Squirrelmail plugin available

There is a new Squirrelmail plugin available for download, this release fixes compatibility with the new 1.4.6 version of squirrelmail which was recently released.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-03-06

New maintenance releases opstimesheet/opscalendar plugins.

New versions of the sunbird plugins have been released. These releases(0.1.9 and 0.1.6) fix a problem with disapearing settings after an upgrade an clarify the error displayed in the event window. People who already installed the for-last releases can try out the new auto-update feature. Just go to the extension manager and click find updates.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-02-27

New: auto-update feature for our Sunbird plugins

We've just released new version of our sunbird plugins (Thunderbird will follow shortly) which include an auto-update feature as you'll might be used to from your firefox plugins. The new plugins are available at the project page:

To use the new update feature (once an update is available) just go to the extension manager and hit "Find Updates".

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-02-21

New timesheet report client released

A new version of the timesheet report client is available at:
This release features a new form-based interface to ease the generation of reports. Try it out, feedback will be much appreciated.


Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-02-21

Naming convention for file releases refactored

OPS used to have a non-existent naming convention for the file releases. Ivo has done a great and tedious refactoring job.

Please check out: for the new structure.

Posted by Zoran Kovacevic 2006-02-20

Open Project Services turned beta

Open Project Services (OPS) is out of alpha because it is being used in real world environments :)

So, please check it out!

Posted by Zoran Kovacevic 2006-02-19

New releases for sunbird

We have just released new version of the OpsTimesheet and OpsCalendar plugins for Sunbird. The new plugins feature a filter panel to select which projects are shown, some convenient modifications to the tooltips aswell as a couple of bugfixes.

Posted by Ivo van Dongen 2006-02-13

OPS status update!

It's been quiet on the news front. We have been busy working on OPS though! Here's a quick update:

* OpsEmail *
The performance issue with the IMAP server is fixed by introducing an IMAP proxy. This is basically a server that listens to the IMAP port and keeps a cache of the relationship between an e-mail and a project folder. All the usual IMAP commands are passed downstream to the actual IMAP server, except for those that took too much time.
Searching IMAP for the relation is a performance hog (searches of upto 30 seconds were common), so we are very happy with this cache!
Both the Thunderbird (desktop) and the Squirrelmail (web) client plugins work very well. OpsEmail is ready for realworld usage. Go go go :)... read more

Posted by Zoran Kovacevic 2006-01-31

Open Project Services 0.1 (alpha) released

We are happy to release the first (alpha) version of Open Project Services (OPS).

OPS integrates project information with contacts, e-mail, calendaring and timesheets. Future versions will support documents, blogs, wikis, im, synchronisation and more.

Documentation is available at Feedback is much appreciated through the lists and the trackers.

Posted by Zoran Kovacevic 2005-10-21

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