--- a/doc/oprofile.xml
+++ b/doc/oprofile.xml
@@ -405,6 +405,15 @@
 		    Followed by list arguments for profiling set up. List of arguments
 		    saved in <filename>/home/root/.oprofile/daemonrc</filename>.
+	</varlistentry>
+	<varlistentry>
+		<term><option>--start-daemon</option></term>
+		<listitem><para>
+		    Start the oprofile daemon without starting actual profiling. The profiling
+		can then be started using <option>--start</option>. This is useful for avoiding
+		measuring the cost of daemon startup, as <option>--start</option> is a simple
+		write to a file in oprofilefs. Not available in 2.2/2.4 kernels.
+		</para></listitem>