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 daemon 2008-01-15 John Levon John Levon [219164] fix SPU change
 doc 2007-11-15 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [aa1942] handle --root which act as a replacement (a pre...
 events 2007-11-16 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [8f537c] power6 events, restaure event 2
 gui 2005-09-01 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [4fa2f4] For each events set the gui reseted the highest...
 include 2003-06-08 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [de78e3]
 libabi 2006-11-18 John Levon John Levon [39b41e] style fixes
 libdb 2006-11-18 John Levon John Levon [39b41e] style fixes
 libop 2007-10-24 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [9441e4] bump sample file format version. It should has ...
 libopt++ 2006-12-06 John Levon John Levon [44d235] Further static initializer fix for ARM.
 libpp 2008-01-21 John Levon John Levon [e18be8] style fixes from Daniel
 libregex 2007-10-09 John Levon John Levon [bfbf1e] warnings fix from Melchior Franz
 libutil 2005-08-15 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [5aa7fc] Fix #1256978: sum of samples count overflow
 libutil++ 2008-01-21 John Levon John Levon [e18be8] style fixes from Daniel
 m4 2007-05-31 Maynard johnson Maynard johnson [856a45] Fixups for compile failures on older Linux dist...
 module 2008-01-21 John Levon John Levon [e18be8] style fixes from Daniel
 pp 2008-01-21 John Levon John Levon [e18be8] style fixes from Daniel
 utils 2007-11-08 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [734f93] Busybox's implementation of 'kill' doesn't unde...
 .cvsignore 2003-09-14 John Levon John Levon [0db281] Use inverted profiles for opannotate and share ...
 COPYING 2000-12-06 John Levon John Levon [607565] Update COPYING.
 ChangeLog 2008-01-21 John Levon John Levon [e18be8] style fixes from Daniel
 ChangeLog-2001 2002-05-06 John Levon John Levon [fb7fe6]
 ChangeLog-2002 2003-01-03 John Levon John Levon [b2b534] Rotate changelog
 ChangeLog-2003 2004-01-18 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [0d0e60] merge BRANCH_CALLGRAPH to HEAD
 ChangeLog-2004 2005-01-02 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [092ee5] rotate ChangeLog, happy new year\!
 ChangeLog-2005 2006-01-16 John Levon John Levon [29f0dd] Xen support from HP.
 ChangeLog-2006 2007-02-02 John Levon John Levon [a6d955] Anon region naming patch from Amitabha Roy
 HACKING 2005-08-02 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [6b60be] remove other bashism, document we are and shoul... 2007-07-16 Maynard johnson Maynard johnson [d327c1] Release 0.9.3 prep work
 README 2004-12-12 John Levon John Levon [9a4996] MIPS support, some fixes
 TODO 2007-11-01 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [dcd09b] oparchive need root if you want to save all bin... 2003-03-22 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [dd0fdf] 2007-07-16 Maynard johnson Maynard johnson [a34ba1] Bump to 0.9.4cvs

Read Me

This is an alpha release version of oprofile, a transparent
low-overhead system-wide profiler.

You can find some documentation in the doc/ directory.

Please visit the oprofile website at :

oprofile was written by John Levon <>
and Philippe Elie <>.

Dave Jones <> provided bug fixes and support for
the AMD Athlon, and AMD Hammer families of CPUs.

Bob Montgomery <> provided bug fixes, the initial RTC
driver and the initial ia64 driver.

Will Cohen <> integrated the ia64 driver into the
oprofile release, and contributed bug fixes and several cleanups.

Graydon Hoare <> provided P4 port, bug fixes and cleanups.

Ralf Baechle <> provided the MIPS port.

Other contributors are listed in the ChangeLog.


Please read the installation instructions in doc/oprofile.html or

Quick start :

(If using CVS: ./ first. You need automake 1.5 or higher. You
can specify a different version, e.g.
ACLOCAL=aclocal-1.5 AUTOMAKE=automake-1.5 AUTOCONF=autoconf-2.13 AUTOHEADER=autoheader-2.13 ./

2.4 kernels

	./configure --with-linux=/path/to/kernel/source

2.6 kernels

	./configure --with-kernel-support

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