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[8f12d5] (586 Bytes) by Maynard Johnson Maynard Johnson

Fix configure to not alter user variables and remove non-working --with-gcc option

The configure script for oprofile had a few places
where user variables were being altered in contradiction
to the GNU Automake manual. See the following URL for details:


In brief, user variables are those listed under "Some influential
environment variables" section of the output from 'configure --help'.
These are variables which the user may set prior to invoking configure,
and thus, the configure script should not alter them. This patch
makes use of new internal variables (e.g., OP_LDFLAGS and OP_CPPFLAGS),
which did unfortunately create quite a ripple effect with the Makefile.am
files. But this was unavoidable in order to correct this error.

Additionally, the '--with-gcc' option does not work anymore because
the generated configure script runs the AC_PROG_CC before processing the
"--with-gcc" option, so it fails to find a compiler. Unsure of when
this stopped working (assume it must have worked in 2005 when it was
initially added), but even fairly old distros (e.g., SLES 10) with
autoconf version 2.59 do not process this option as we would want.
If users wish to configure oprofile to use an alternate compiler,
they should pass the compiler pathnames on the configure command line, thusly:
./configure CC=/my-gcc-install/bin/gcc CXX=/my-gcc-instal/g++

Signed-off-by: Maynard Johnson <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

2012-07-13 17:44:49 View
[93da63] (569 Bytes) by Philippe Elie Philippe Elie

Do not use any C++ features to write the abi. Remove --enable-abi and related stuff, the libabi is now build unconditionnaly. Add a man page for opimport

2005-08-04 18:27:28 View
[bc904e] (569 Bytes) by Philippe Elie Philippe Elie

a bit subtle: force daemon build with frame pointer. If daemon is built w/o
frame pointer we get random arc, some of them go in the vma used by an
existing mmaped sample file, so cookie lookup return a sample filename which
is used as a from or to component, this break pptools by creating invalid
filename. Note this doesn't protect agaisnt a make CFLAGS=-fomit-frame-pointer.

2004-02-23 05:57:31 View
[79f408] (469 Bytes) by John Levon John Levon

remove an unused include path from liblegacy

2003-10-27 01:27:40 View
[a45dbb] (496 Bytes) by John Levon John Levon

Finally ! Merge the 2.4 daemon code into daemon/liblegacy

2003-10-26 02:09:32 View

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