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 daemon 2004-11-19 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [a25649] update TODO
 doc 2004-11-19 John Levon John Levon [31e5ad] fix AMD doc link
 events 2004-11-01 John Levon John Levon [708051] ppc64 event patch from Maynard
 gui 2004-01-19 John Levon John Levon [fd73ea] check_style pedantry, no changelog.
 include 2003-06-08 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [de78e3]
 libabi 2004-05-29 John Levon John Levon [c62f2d] some trivial renamings
 libdb 2004-07-21 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [da376f] thinko in #931871 bug fix
 libop 2004-11-01 John Levon John Levon [e3f388] default count for IA64 changed
 libopt++ 2004-01-28 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [ce5546] minor tidy: s/template <class/template <typename/
 libpp 2004-11-19 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [22361b] fix #971487, daemon was unable to retrieve corr...
 libregex 2004-07-18 John Levon John Levon [2b9415] minor mangling problem
 libutil 2004-05-28 John Levon John Levon [189ee5] hopefully fix dcookie aliasing bug, by Bin Ren
 libutil++ 2004-11-17 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [40bd3b] more tweaking of the chosen symbols, no ChangeLog
 m4 2004-09-15 John Levon John Levon [1680f7] disable x86-64 support on 2.4
 module 2004-06-21 John Levon John Levon [a9c247]
 pp 2004-11-18 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [927167] opgprof: ensure we load all acllgraph files
 utils 2004-10-15 William Cohen William Cohen [382234] Add ppc64/970 support.
 .cvsignore 2003-09-14 John Levon John Levon [0db281] Use inverted profiles for opannotate and share ...
 COPYING 2000-12-06 John Levon John Levon [607565] Update COPYING.
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 HACKING 2003-10-26 John Levon John Levon [a45dbb] Finally ! Merge the 2.4 daemon code into daemon... 2004-02-11 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [cfb666] add ChangeLog-2003 to EXTRA_DIST, no ChangeLog
 README 2003-09-15 John Levon John Levon [37c910] and another
 TODO 2004-11-19 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [a25649] update TODO 2003-03-22 Philippe Elie Philippe Elie [dd0fdf] 2004-10-14 John Levon John Levon [218761] Altix patch from Greg Banks

Read Me

This is an alpha release version of oprofile, a transparent
low-overhead system-wide profiler.

You can find some documentation in the doc/ directory.

Please visit the oprofile website at :

oprofile was written by John Levon <>
and Philippe Elie <>.

Dave Jones <> provided bug fixes and support for
the AMD Athlon, and AMD Hammer families of CPUs.

Bob Montgomery <> provided bug fixes, the initial RTC
driver and the initial ia64 driver.

Will Cohen <> integrated the ia64 driver into the
oprofile release, and contributed bug fixes and several cleanups.

Graydon Hoare <> provided P4 port, bug fixes and cleanups.

Other contributors are listed in the ChangeLog.


Please read the installation instructions in doc/oprofile.html or

Quick start :

(If using CVS: ./ first. You need automake 1.5 or higher. You
can specify a different version, e.g.
ACLOCAL=aclocal-1.5 AUTOMAKE=automake-1.5 AUTOCONF=autoconf-2.13 AUTOHEADER=autoheader-2.13 ./

2.4 kernels

	./configure --with-linux=/path/to/kernel/source

2.6 kernels

	./configure --with-kernel-support