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Todo list

o we don't really need a vmlinux file during profiling ...

o SMP mappings - place in all buffers perhaps ? 
o check chroot() processes and do_d_path() 
o There is no need for the daemon to run as root as long as every binary image
  is readable ...
o The note spinlock and stop/start should be grouped into one for multiple map adding.
o investigate eviction strategy
o the interrupt handler code could probably be improved by moving into asm
o can we fold in the "untouched sample entry" case in hash table to another case ? 
o would query_module() be faster ? do we care ? 
o investigate whether it would be better to have abb's linked component hash table
  - this would complicate the dumping code but reduce the output to the map buffer
o use u16's not u32's for the map buffer
o move out module_init()/exit() into a separate object file and compile the rest with -march ?


o Other x86 processors, and maybe other archs.
o gprof output from post-profiler

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