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2010-12-16  John Villalovos <john.l.villalovos@intel.com>

	* events/Makefile.am:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.c:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.h:
	* libop/op_hw_specific.h:
	* libop/op_events.c:
	* utils/ophelp.c:
	* events/i386/westmere/events (new):
	* events/i386/westmere/unit_masks (new): Add support for Intel
	  Westmere micro-architecture processors

2010-12-15  Will Cohen  <wcohen@redhat.com>

	* libop/op_cpu_type.c:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.h:
	* libop/op_hw_specific.h: User-space identification of processors
	  that support Intel architectural events

2010-12-14  Suravee Suthikulpanit <suravee.suthikulpanit@amd.com>

	* oprofile/daemon/opd_ibs_trans.c: Fix non-x86 build issue 
	  due to cpuid instruction

2010-11-7  Suravee Suthikulpanit <suravee.suthikulpanit@amd.com>

	* oprofile/utils/opcontrol:
	* oprofile/daemon/init.c:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_extended.h:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_extended.c:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_ibs.h:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_ibs.c:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_ibs_trans.h:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_ibs_trans.c:
	* oprofile/events/x86-64/family10/unit_masks:
	* oprofile/daemon/opd_ibs_macro.h: Additional IBS supports for 
	  family12/14/15h including:
		- IBS Op branch target address log
		- IBS Op memory access log
		- IBS Op extended count bits

2010-11-7  Suravee Suthikulpanit <suravee.suthikulpanit@amd.com>

	* events/Makefile.am:
	* libop/op_events.c:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.h:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.c:
	* utils/ophelp.c:
	* events/x86-64/family12h/events: New File
	* events/x86-64/family12h/unit_masks: New File
	* events/x86-64/family14h/events: New File
	* events/x86-64/family14h/unit_masks: New File
	* events/x86-64/family15h/events: New File
	* events/x86-64/family15h/unit_masks: New File
	  Add support for new AMD processors (family12h/14h/15h)

2010-10-15  Roland Grunberg  <roland.grunberg@gmail.com>

	* libop/op_xml_events.c:
	* libop/op_xml_out.c:
	* libop/op_xml_out.h:
	* doc/ophelp.xsd: Add unit mask type attribute for an event in
	  the ophelp schema

2010-10-15  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* doc/ophelp.xsd:
	* libop/op_xml_events.c: Fix schema validation issues and error in
	  xml generation

2010-10-13  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* libabi/opimport.cpp: Fix uninitialized variable warning when
	  building with gcc 4.4

2010-10-13  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* events/mips/Makefile.am: Correction to 8/26 MIPS patch
	  to add events and unit_masks to makefile

2010-10-07  William Cohen  <wcohen@redhat.com>

	* events/i386/arch_perfmon/events: Correct filter values.

2010-08-26  Paul Lind  <plind@mips.com>

	* libop/op_cpu_type.[h,c]:
	* libop/op_events.c:
	* utils/ophelp.c: Add "mips/74K" and "mips/1004K" as valid cpu types,
	  and change number of available 34K counters to 2.
	* libop/tests/alloc_counter_tests.c: correct 34K test to 2 counters.
	* events/mips/24K/events: correct the performance counters for 24K.
	* events/mips/34K/events: correct the performance counters for 34K.
	* events/mips/74K/[events,unit_masks]: Add events for 74K.
	* events/mips/1004K/[events,unit_masks]: Add events for 1004K.

2010-08-13  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* utils/opcontrol:
	* doc/opcontrol.1.in: Update help and man page for opcontrol to indicate
	  that buffer values may be reset to default values by passing a '0'

2010-08-02  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* utils/opcontrol:
	* libpp/profile_spec.cpp:
	* pp/oparchive.cpp:  Moved the copying of stats to opcontrol::do_dump_data
	  and removed the unnecessary and confusing message that indicated
	  when overflow stats were not available.

2010-07-13  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* events/arm/armv7-common/events: (new)
	* events/arm/armv7-common/unit_masks: (new)
	* events/arm/armv7-ca9/events: (new)
	* events/arm/armv7-ca9/unit_masks: (new)
	  I neglected to do 'cvs add' for these new files in the
	  previous commit; doing so now.

2010-07-01  Will Deacon  <will.deacon@arm.com>

	* events/arm/armv7-common/events:
	* events/arm/armv7-common/unit_masks:
	* events/arm/armv7/events: factor out ARMv7 common architectural events
	* events/Makefile.am:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.c:
	* libop/op_cpu_type.h:
	* libop/op_events.c:
	* utils/ophelp.c: correct usage of core terminology for v7 and MPCore
	* events/arm/armv7-ca9/events:
	* events/arm/armv7-ca9/unit_masks: add support for Cortex-A9 events

2010-06-21  John Villalovos <john.l.villalovos@intel.com>

	* libop/op_cpu_type.[h,c]:
	* libop/op_events.c:
	* utils/ophelp.c: Add "i386/nehalem" as a valid cpu_type.  This will
	allow the kernel in the future (if desired) to use "i386/nehalem"
	instead of "i386/core_i7".  Core i7 processors can be either Nehalem
	or Westmere microarchitecture but the "i386/core_i7" cpu_type in
	Oprofile is only for Nehalem microarchitecture processors.

2010-06-11  William Cohen <wcohen@redhat.com>

        * libregex/stl.pat.in: Avoid machine specific configuration.

2010-05-18  Daniel Hansel  <daniel.hansel@linux.vnet.ibm.com>

	* doc/oprofile.xml: Document that only kernel versions 2.6.13 or
	  later provide support for anonymous mapped regions

2010-04-13  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* libutil++/bfd_support.cpp: Fix up translate_debuginfo_syms
	  so it doesn't rely on section index values being the same
	  between real image and debuginfo file (to resolve problem
	  reported by Will Cohen on Fedora 12)

2010-03-25  Oliver Schneider  <oliver@assarbad.net>

	* libpp/parse_filename.cpp:  Catch case where a basic_string::erase
	  error can occur in opreport when parsing an invalid sample file name

2010-03-25  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* events/mips/loongson2/events: New File
	* events/mips/loongson2/unit_masks: New File
	   I neglected to do 'cvs add' for these new two new files
	   back on Nov 25, 2009 when I committed the initial
	   loongson2 support.  This change corrects that error.

2010-03-01  Gabor Loki  <loki@inf.u-szeged.hu>

	* daemon/opd_pipe.c: Fix memory leak
	* utils/opcontrol: Fix messages sending method to opd_pipe

2010-01-20  Maynard Johnson  <maynardj@us.ibm.com>

	* m4/qt.m4: Fix qt lib check so it works on base 64-bit system

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