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 .BI "--kernel-range="start,end
 Set kernel range vma address in hexadecimal.
+.SH OPTIONS (specific to Xen)
+.BI "--xen="file
+Xen image
+.BI "--active-domains="<list>
+List of domain ids participating in a multi-domain profiling session. If 
+more than one domain is specified in <list> they should be separated using 
+commas. This option can only be used in domain 0 which is the only domain 
+that can coordinate a multi-domain profiling session. Including domain 0 in 
+the list of active domains is optional. (e.g. --active-domains=2,5,6 and 
+--active-domains=0,2,5,6 are equivalent)
-No special environment variables are recognised by opreport.
+No special environment variables are recognised by opcontrol.

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