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[e9a646] (777 Bytes) by Maynard johnson Maynard johnson

change references to php3 to php

2008-09-23 18:54:44 View
[ede63c] (781 Bytes) by Philippe Elie Philippe Elie

Allow automated generation of events files description in docs/*, the diff is big and unreadable, see ChangeLog for details on how to use this and how correctness has been verified

2007-10-19 11:47:10 View
[e2a4e0] (5.8 kB) by Philippe Elie Philippe Elie

update docs/event files accoring to some fix in our events files; add arm/pmu1, pmu2; add ppc64 power4, power5 and 970

2005-01-25 04:54:38 View
[c995a7] (6.7 kB) by Philippe Elie Philippe Elie

events.pl: remove cpu column in generated files, docs/* remove one empty column, big patch ....

2003-10-05 22:09:21 View
[110978] (7.0 kB) by Philippe Elie Philippe Elie

docs/*: split events files in doc/* for each supported processor. We can now
op_help --cpu-type=xx | events.pl and diff the output with the corresponding
.php3 to see if we changed an event files and didn't reflected the change to
documentation. This patch also renumber all P4 counters which was out of date.

2003-10-05 21:55:55 View

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