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--- a/releasechecklist
+++ b/releasechecklist
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
     Change version to non-git and commit
-    <li>Change version in configure.in's AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE</li>
+    <li>Change version in configure.ac's AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE</li>
     <li>Probably want to start with a
 &lt;<span style="font-style: italic;">v.r.m</span>&gt;-rc&lt;<span
  style="font-style: italic;">n</span>&gt;.&nbsp; Since this has to be
@@ -46,7 +46,8 @@
 the EXTRA_DIST target in Makefile.am, add them to the list and <span
  style="text-decoration: underline;">commit </span>this Makefile.am
 change (commit this now, otherwise you'll be making the exact same
-change for every release candidate.<br>
+change for every release candidate.  NOTE: ChangeLogs are no longer
+used now that we've switched to git.<br>
     <li>./autogen.sh; ./configure; make dist. &nbsp; This produces a
 tarball called oprofile-&lt;<span style="font-style: italic;">release</span>&gt;.tar.gz,
@@ -121,14 +122,15 @@
-    Run the command <pre>'git tag RELEASE_&lt;v_r_m&gt;';  e.g, 'git tag RELEASE_0_9_4'</pre>
+    CD into the checked-out oprofile directory and open the configure.ac file.
+    Specify the GA release in the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE (i.e., &lt;<span style="font-style: italic;">v.r.m</span>&gt;).
+    Now commit and push this change.
-  <ul>
-    <li>After committing the change to configure.in's AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
-for the GA release, cd into the checked-out oprofile directory and run
-the 'git tag' command.<br>
-    </li>
-  </ul>
+  <li>
+    Tag the release by running the following commands:<br>
+	<pre>'git tag RELEASE_&lt;v_r_m&gt;';  e.g, 'git tag RELEASE_0_9_4'</pre>
+	<pre>'git push --tags'</pre>
+  </li>
     Update web page release-notes/, news, download, srcdoc/, doc/
@@ -181,11 +183,11 @@
-    Send release email
+    Send release email.
-    Change AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in configure.in '&lt;<span
- style="font-style: italic;">v.r.m</span>&gt;git' and commit
+    Change AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in configure.ac to '&lt;<span
+ style="font-style: italic;">v.r.m</span>&gt;git'; commit and push this change.

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