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+OProfile provides powerful and flexible profiling for Linux. And now
+with the announcement of the 0.9.9 release, OProfile can also
+be used for simple event counting with the new 'ocount' tool.
+Read more at http://oprofile.sf.net.
+OProfile 0.9.9 has been released. OProfile is still in alpha,
+but has been proven stable for many users.
+Incompatibilities with previous release
+- None
+New features
+- The new 'ocount' program is introduced for collecting raw event counts
+  on a per-application, per-process, per-cpu, or system-wide basis. Unlike
+  the profiling tools, there is no post-processing required for the
+  collected data, which is displayed directly in the output of ocount.
+  A common use case for event counting tools is for computing the CPI
+  (cycles per instruction) for an application. High CPI implies possible
+  stalls, and many architectures provide events that give detailed
+  information about the different types of stalls. This new feature
+  requires a kernel version of 2.6.31 or greater.
+- New Processor Support
+    * Intel Haswell
+    * IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12)
+    * AMD Generic Performance Events
+    * IBM Power ISA 2.07 Architected Events
+    * IBM POWER8
+Bug fixes
+Filed bug reports:
+|  BUG ID   |  Summary 
+|   193     | oprofile leaves a world-writable /���var/���lib/���oprofile/���jitdump/���
+|   219     | operf problems with PATH env variable
+|   220     | opjitconv fails with Floating point exception 
+|   221     | opreport to find nonexistent symbol cause segfault
+|   222     | JIT profiling with oprofile fails when PID is > 32768
+|   223     | jvmti agent reports missing /���var/���lib/���oprofile/���jitdump
+|   225     | operf should record throttling/���multiplexing
+|           |      NOTE: Multiplexing detection was removed because the
+|           |      kernel provides no guaranteed method for detecting this.
+|   226     | operf build fails: PERF_RECORD_MISC_GUEST_* not declared
+|   228     | On Fedora18, oprofile's CRC method to find debuginfo breaks
+|   229     | operf/���ppc64: Allow use of event names without _GRP<n> suffix
+|   233     | Default named unit mask with no extra parameter is broken
+|   234     | operf/���opcontrol accept some invalid unit mask values
+|   235     | Unit mask bitmasks containing non-unique values should fail
+|   237     | operf problems with --pid and --system-wide options
+|   240     | parsed_filename.jit_dumpfile_exists represent wrong value
+|   241     | Flesh out user manual doc on oparchive/opimport commands
+Bug fixes and improvements without a filed report (e.g., posted to the list):
+- OProfile build fails for 32-bit ppc; operf_utils.cpp compile fails
+- operf: handle spaces in arguments correctly
+- Add support for ARC architecture to operf
+- Fix configure to handle architectures that do not implement perf_event_open
+- operf:  Fix ppc64-specific code that handles _GRP## suffix in event names
+- Change configure to look for libpfm4 first (for ppc64); fall back to libpfm3
+- Fix operf default unit mask handling
+- Fix various compile issues with recent gcc
+- Fix opreport header info on unit mask when operf is run without a UM specified
+- operf: Fix 'Permission denied' error on early perf_events kernels
+- operf does not run opjitconv if --pid or --system-wide used
+- operf does not properly collect samples for children of already-running app
+- Update configure.ac to work with automake 1.13
+- Change configure to distinguish between ppc32 and ppc64 architectures
+- Make convertPerfData procedure more robust
+- Fix operf seg fault due to event array size being too small;
+- Fix Ivybridge EP support
+- Performance improvement for operf's perf_event-to-oprofile format conversion
+- Fix broken --with-kernel configure option
+- oprofile pp tools should print messages about operf's lost samples
+- Fix opjitconv error message for bfd_set_arch_mach failure
+- Fix holes in operf system-wide profiling of forked processes
+- Fix Coverity issues identified against oprofile 0.9.8 release
+- Fix support for Intel Netburst (e.g., Pentium P4) with operf
+- Fix for oprof_start when daemonrc file does not exist
+- Print debug message when module summary count differs from total symbols counts
+- oprof_start: Don't show irrelevant bits in unit mask sub-window
+- Fix size problem of oprof_start GUI (overlapping sub-windows)
+- Various man page updates to match actual oprofile tools options
+Known problems and limitations
+- AMD Instruction Based Sampling (IBS) is not currently supported with the
+  operf program. Use the "legacy" opcontrol commands for IBS profiling.
+- When using operf to profile multiple events, the absolute number of
+  events recorded may be substantially fewer than expected. This can be
+  due to knwon bug in the Linux kernel's Performance Events Subsystem that
+  was fixed sometime between Linux kernel version 3.1 and 3.5.
+- If NMI watchdog is not disabled (x86), opcontrol may fail to
+  allocate the hardware performance counter(s) it needs (bug #1468916).
+- Many Alpha ev67 events do not work (bug #931875).

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